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Flexible & Remote Working: The New “Norm”?

remote-working-small Even if they hadn’t considered it before, now that employers have had their eyes opened to the fact that staff can successfully and productively work from home, a number of companies are looking at enabling staff members to continue to work more flexibly when things get back to “normal”.

There is ample research surrounding the benefits of flexible working for both employers and employees.  Employees feel more valued and empowered, and are able to fit their work around other commitments (eg childcare) or even around their energy cycles.  For example, a “night owl” might choose to work between mid-day and 8pm, whilst an “early bird” might want to start at 6am and finish by early afternoon.  Company overheads may decrease as the amount of office space and equipment is lowered.  Flexible working hours can also extend operating hours, and can increase a company’s ability to recruit excellent members of staff.

Flexible working does of course entail a large amount of trust: bosses have to have faith that their employees aren’t just going to sit around watching Netflix or surfing the internet rather than carrying out the work that they are paid to do.  But in many cases, this trust is repaid in the form of an increase in staff morale and commitment, which in turn can lead to less absenteeism and lower staff turnover.

Of course it is the technology that makes all of this possible: but happily that technology is more affordable and available than ever before.  And indeed, in many cases the latest technology enabling remote working is more cost-effective than the more traditional “on-premises” tech.  Having access to a robust, secure broadband connection, wherever your staff choose to work, is vital.  Keeping documents stored securely in the “cloud” enables staff to access them wherever they may be working.  And using an IP-based telephony system can allow remote staff members to work exactly as if they were in the office, as calls can be answered wherever they are, and can be forwarded to voicemail or to a colleague if unavailable.  Not only that, but modern IP telephony systems have a myriad of other features available: on-demand audio and video-conferencing, auto attendants, the ability to up- or down-scale at the click of a button, disaster recovery… the list goes on!

Flexible working may not suit everyone, and won’t suit every type of organisation.  But for those who choose to embrace it the benefits are many.

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