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Welcome Telecom has been enabling businesses to work more flexibly for many years now.

Flexible working often means increasing the opportunities for remote working.  Remote, or home, working is being seen by many companies as an important step to take, certainly during the current Covid-19 crisis.

The Benefits

Setting Covid-19 aside for a moment, there are a number of other benefits to be gained by companies supporting more flexible working:

  • Cost Savings: Lower office costs, for example a smaller footprint and lower energy use
  • Staff Morale: Gartner has some statistics suggesting that many workers would forego a pay rise if they are able to work from home
  • Staff Productivity: A flexible approach can improve productivity.  Many workers perform best outside the “normal” office hours: a night owl might choose to work between midday and 8pm, for instance
  • Environment Factors: Lower carbon emissions from travelling, less road congestion and hours saved that are currently wasted just getting to and from work
  • Business Continuity: With a plan already in place to enable flexible working, if the office cannot be accessed by staff for any reason (eg extreme weather or a power outage), it is easy to switch to your flexible working plan for your incoming and outgoing calls

The Technology

The good news is that the technology exists to make flexible working an easy step for companies to take.  And Welcome Telecom can help – whether you need to provide broadband connectivity for remote workers, or a softphone to enable home workers to answer calls via their home PC as if they were in the office.

Welcome Telecom’s hosted telephony solutions have been designed with flexibility in mind.  And by adding Collaborate, companies have access to a range of additional features such as messaging, presence, conferencing, desktop/application sharing and document sharing.  All vital tools to enable a remote work force to keep in touch.

The Next Steps

Get in touch to see how we can help, and take the next steps in setting up a more flexible work force.

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