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Fighting Climate Change

climate changeClimate change is a hot topic at the moment – pun intended – and it is vital that companies “do their bit” to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.  Welcome Telecom can help you in this aim.

Firstly, we have consciously chosen to work with environmentally-friendly companies – in fact, our main supplier is one of the few communications providers in the UK to have a net carbon zero footprint.  This achieve this by investing in an efficient, IP-based network and other assets as well as by using an offset management programme.

Modern communications systems themselves can be more energy efficient than earlier models – and some of our customers choose to use a soft phone on their PC instead of a traditional handset, reducing consumption further.  By using one of our hosted IT telephony systems, employees working remotely can access the same features as those based in the office, thereby reducing the need to physically drive to the office every day.  Another advantage of our telephony systems is that many give you the option to access features such as audio and/or video conferencing, reducing the need to travel to meetings.

Want to know more about our hosted systems?  Get in touch – we love to talk telecoms!

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