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Planning for Success with Horizon!

SF Planning Limited are a fast-growing company providing planning services across the UK from their two Gloucestershire offices.  The company was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of flexibility afforded by their traditional landlines and was looking for a more agile solution.  In particular they wanted a simple way to handle calls between the two offices, as well as an easily-scaleable solution to cope with the expansion of the business.

Welcome Telecom’s hosted telephony service Horizon was recommended to them as a way to resolve these issues.  SF Planning had a few concerns regarding the possibility of dropped calls, poor reception or time delay on calls due to the service utilising a broadband connection.  However these concerns have proven to be unfounded: the prioritisation of voice over data traffic through their broadband connection helps to ensure the consistent high quality of their phone calls.

After the initial deployment, Welcome Telecom kept in touch and have been able to fine tune the configuration to meet SF Planning’s particular requirements promptly and efficiently.  Mark from SF Planning was particularly happy with Welcome project manager Clive’s attitude to Horizon: “he is very enthusiastic about his product, and it shows when he is both setting things up, and also training people to use it”.

The installation of Horizon at the two offices certainly resolved the company’s initial issues: when a new employee comes on board they are now able to upscale quickly and easily, and are also able to run their two offices as if it was just the one by seamlessly transferring calls between them.  Not only that, Mark is delighted to report that the service has helped improve efficiencies in ways that they hadn’t really considered before.  In particular, the mobile phone app is enabling employees to work remotely whilst receiving and making calls as if they are in the office.  He also happily admits that they have up until now only scratched the surface of what is possible with Welcome’s hosted telephony solutions.

SF Planning Limited provides a full range of town and country planning services across the UK.  Please contact them if you need any assistance in this respect.

Increased reach with geographic numbers

A major brewery in the north of England was seeking to expand its footprint.  Outlets for their products (such as pubs and off licences) prefer to buy locally, so Welcome Telecom helped the brewer to create “ghost depots”.

To do this we provided the customer with geographic numbers for those areas into which they wished to expand but where they currently had no physical presence.  These geographic numbers were then set to route through to office staff in their existing offices, thus creating the appearance of depots local to all of their outlets.

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