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International Numbering Comes of Age with Welcome Telecom’s 21st Birthday

NumbersYou may already know that with IP telephony (aka VoIP), you can have a virtual presence in one location whilst being physically located somewhere else entirely.  Based in Cornwall but want to maintain links in Scotland?  We can provide you with an Edinburgh number to route through to your Cornwall office.

Did you know that we also provide international numbers to terminate in the UK?  This enables our customer to have a potentially global reach.  One of our customers is a respected supplier of school and library products based in Hertfordshire.  They sell their products in France and Germany as well as in the UK, so we supply them with two Freephone numbers, one originating in France and one in Germany, which when dialled route through to their Hertfordshire office.

Another customer, a well-known British clothing company, has a US number routing through to its London Head Office.  They explain that they deal with many US-based suppliers and find it easier to give them a “local” contact number.

When used in conjunction with one of our hosted IP solutions, an incoming call can automatically be routed through to the correct department depending on the country that the call was made from, thereby ensuring that the call can be answered in the appropriate manner/language.

Is there an international market you’d like to tap into?  Give us a call and see how we can help – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy and cost-effective it can be to have a virtual international presence!

Welcome Telecom has been providing hassle-free telecommunications and connectivity to UK businesses and other organisations for the last 21 years.  We make sure our UK-wide telephony services deliver the reliable, business-grade quality you want, without any of the frustrations you don’t.

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