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How to weather-proof your business

BlizzardNo doubt you’ve heard the latest scary headlines about how this winter is going to be the coldest in years!  Well there is no smoke without fire – or indeed, snow without freezing weather.  Adverse weather conditions can bring an increased risk to the stability of your communications system.  It is therefore essential that you have a service in place that can keep your business connected, no matter the circumstances.

Welcome Telecom’s VoIP and inbound services include a ready-made business continuity solution, which ensures that your customers can continue to reach you on your office number even if you struggle to reach the office or, worse still, your office suffers a power outage.

Through an easy-to-use online portal or our mobile app, you can simply redirect calls to another number (office, home or mobile), at the touch of a button, meaning that you can receive incoming calls anywhere, at any time.

Alongside this, Welcome’s services offer other great benefits including:

  • Reduction in capital outlay
  • Reliable and scalable solution
  • Quick and easy set up for maximum operational flexibility
  • In-depth reporting to allow businesses to easily monitor their incoming call statistics
  • Improvement in customer services through better call management at peak times and after hours

Contact us today to find out more about how our solutions can help your business thrive, whatever the weather.

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