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5 must-haves for the perfect host

HostedI’m not talking about heated trolleys and canapés here – VoIP, hosted, cloud, call it what you will, I would like to discuss the modern world of hosted telephone systems with you.

Hosted telephony allows even the smallest of businesses to make use of the same in-house functionality as multi-national companies. If you’re a small company, hosted might seem daunting at first, perhaps even unnecessary. However, if you find a trusted supplier and have them to guide you through your options, I predict you’ll find yourself taking advantage of the benefits of hosted telephony before you’re even consciously aware of it.

Hosted telephony can improve the way you work and enhance the way your business appears to others:

1. Call waiting – Call them back later

The call waiting function alerts you to the fact that someone else is calling and who they might be. Have an extremely important deadline to meet but can’t miss that one important call? This feature means you can prioritise certain calls over others based on who you can afford to catch up with later rather than right now.

2. Leave a Message after the Beep – Avoid extra expenses

Of course you can always buy an answer phone, but why bother with the hassle and the extra expense when your hosted phone system has this feature built in as standard?

Furthermore, hosted business telephone systems often include the ability to access your voice mailbox from other phones. You can even be sent an e-mail with the message attached to enable you to pick up your messages wherever and whenever you want.

3. Call Forwarding – Manage your calls the way you want

Business telephone hosting allows you to be in complete control of how your calls are handled in-house. Call forwarding enables you to direct calls wherever you want them, be it an answering service or a business colleague.

4. Fixed mobile convergence – Don’t miss important calls

A good hosted provider will allow you to use your mobile as a desk phone, usually without an additional charge. This could be as simple as twinning two separate devices or as complex as full-scale integration. Basically, fixed mobile convergence means you don’t ever have to miss a call if you don’t want to.

5. Out of Area Numbers – Make sure you are never out of reach

If you conduct business in an area other than where your office is based, why not give yourself a presence in that area?  With hosted phone services you can choose to use a number associated with anywhere in the UK or even the world. So, live in Cornwall but trade in London? Here is the perfect solution for enabling others to find and contact you from areas outside of your home region.

These are just a few of the advantages that hosted can provide. Find a supplier you can trust and tell them your requirements: the perfect host can be tailored to meet your company’s every communications need!

Duncan Laker, MD of Welcome Telecom, is passionate about helping businesses meet their communication needs. When not giving his tips for managing business phone systems effectively, he can be found generally appreciating the efficiency of modern communication systems available today.

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