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Moving office? How we can help

moving officeAre you moving office?  Do you want to keep your existing telephone number?  Are you worried that you won’t be able to take your number with you?

Don’t panic!  With IP telephony (also known as VoIP), you won’t need to worry about your customers having to remember a new number for you.  IP telephony gives you the flexibility to take your number with you, regardless of where you are physically located.

This is just one of the features of this modern, future-proof technology.  You can also benefit from a myriad of features included as standard: voicemail, call forwarding, hunt groups, auto attendant, to name a few.

It is easy to upscale or downscale to meet the changing demands of your business.  No need to wait weeks or even months for Openreach to provide more line or ISDN circuits – at the touch of a button we can add another user to your account and arrange for a new handset to be sent out to you the following day.  Or in quieter periods we can remove users so that you only pay for what you are using at that point in time.

And if you opt for one of our hosted solutions, you don’t have to worry about expensive hardware being located in your office, as the technology is all held in the cloud.

Want to know more?  Get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote.

And whilst you’re here, did you know that we also supply energy?  We would be delighted to give you a no-obligation quote for your office gas and electricity, so do ask us about energy when you contact us.


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