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WebPro: Did you know?

We hope you are finding WebPro a useful tool to help you view your invoices and analyse your company’s phone usage.


Invoice FilesAre you missing the reports that you used to get alongside your invoice?  They’re still available within WebPro!  Simply go to View My Bills and click on the invoice relating to the billing period in which you are interested.  Underneath the invoice summary, you will see “Invoice Files” with a “+” button next to it.  Click on this button and it will expand to show you the Diskbill and Site Summary, which you can then download and save to your PC.


eAlertsHave you set up your eAlerts yet?  A great way to keep an eye on your telecoms expenditure, you can create eAlerts using different parameters – for example, a call costing over £5 or lasting over 30 minutes – and, should these parameters be breached, you will receive an auomated email providing details of the call(s) made.  Your call data is loaded onto WebPro every working day so you will receive the alert the next working day after a breach has occurred.


If you are having any difficulties with WebPro, or cannot find your login details, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!


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