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How to make your workplace a happier place

HeadsetAccording to research from the Queens School of Business and Gallup, happy workers engage more and are 12% more productive. A further Gallup poll shows that, more than any other factor, employee engagement leads to improved well-being, and that, overall, employees prefer workplace well-being to material benefits.

So what’s that got to do with telecoms?

Whilst I’m not saying that a company’s telecommunications provide all the answers, they can, and should, play a part. Voice communications remain the most direct way that customers interact personally with most organisations. They give you the ideal opportunity to show how much you care, and offer the perfect medium with which to differentiate your business from the competition.

Welcome Telecom likes to engage with forward-thinking businesses to help them provide the best possible experience for their customers AND staff.

Over the past year or so we have noticed a significant increase in the number of customers opting to use a headset (usually Bluetooth) over the more traditional handset. Here at Welcome Telecom HQ, office staff have the option to choose, and we currently have around a 50/50 split. Perhaps not surprisingly, those spending the most time on the phone tend to choose a headset.  Because it is hands-free, and not connected to a desk either, workers feel more empowered; this leads to more confidence and, yes, a greater sense of well-being. This in turn improves our interaction with customers, giving us a better understanding of our customers’ requirements and so leading to improved retention rates.

Combining thoughtful telephony with thoughtful office design and conditions will all help to improve the well-being of a workforce, with positive effects on the bottom line. Considering that such improvements can be made with little or no financial impact, at least as far as telecoms are concerned, a review of its telecoms should be the first, cost-free step to enhancing the performance of any organisation.

Duncan Laker, MD of Welcome Telecom, is passionate about helping businesses meet their communication needs. When not giving his tips for helping to improve engagement in the workplace, he can be found generally appreciating the efficiency of modern communication systems available today.

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