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Say no to 118 calls!

NumbersDo you know the real cost of dialling a 118 number?

Call costs to such numbers have in many cases increased dramatically in the past few years.  As an example, the well-known 118 118 service has increased to a jaw-dropping £8.98 per call cost plus £4.49 for every additional minute.  So yes, that’s how they can afford all those expensive adverts with the moustachioed men in their running vests (and we can confirm that Welcome Telecom do not make money on these calls).  These costs are so high that Ofcom recently announced that they would be opening an investigation into the cost of 118 calls.

We strongly advise all customers against using these expensive 118 services, instead where possible searching for a number using the internet.  However, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to persuade all members of staff within an organisation to adopt new practicies, and we therefore have some tools available which can assist with this:

Call Barring.  Depending on the services you have with us, in many instances we can apply a call bar free of charge to prevent calls to certain destinations, such as chargeable directory services, being made.

eAlerts.  When excessively long or expensive calls are made from your telephone lines, your WebPro account can be set to send you an automated email, an “eAlert”, providing details of the calls in question.

If you would like any further information regarding these services, or would like us to set up Call Barring for you, please do get in touch.

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