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Welcome: Energy Accredited!

Energy AccreditedWelcome Telecom is delighted to announce that we are now able to offer energy to our customers through our partnership with Fidelity Energy.

40% of businesses in the UK have never switched energy suppliers.  We believe that the key reason for this is the time and resource required to obtain quotes which then come back with ambiguity and confusion (what is FiT or EMR anyway?!) and don’t therefore give you a true comparison.  We can do the donkey work for you and provide you with a comparison from all the main suppliers in the market in a simple, easy to compare document.

Why not give us the opportunity to show you what your company can save by switching energy supplier?

What this means for you

  • Average saving of 10-15% on your current energy bills
  • Fixing a price for your company for up to 5 years, negating the potential impact of Brexit, rising oil prices or market fluctuations
  • Forward purchasing – even if you are currenlty in contract, we can secure savings for your next contract today
  • Bill validation – are you sure your energy bill is correct?  Let us tell you
  • Option for Green Energy Supply

Want to know more?

Just click on the link below to register your interest in a no-obligation comparison, and we will be in touch!

tell me more

Alternatively you can text ENERGY, along with the number/email address you would like us to contact you on, to 78070.

Why not get in touch now to see what savings you can make!

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