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SIPAlthough ISDN has served businesses well since the 1980s, it is widely recognised that the time has come for it to be replaced.  There has been little investment in ISDN technology in recent years, and in fact BT have announced that the ISDN service is due to be switched off by 2025.

The natural successor to ISDN is SIP.  As an IP technology, SIP trunking can be managed alongside or in conjunction with your existing interner provision, and can offer a more cost-effective and simple solution than ISDN, saving 25-30% against a similar ISDN solution.  The quality of SIP is now well-established in the market and is no longer considered a “new” technology.

The key element to SIP, however, is the feature-rich nature of the technology, which lets you do things that ISDN simply can’t, for example:

  • CLI flexibility: present a specific number regardless of your physical location
  • Multi-site rationalisation: move your telephony estate into a single solution for ease of management and more efficient use of channels
  • Flexibility: increase or decrease the number of SIP trunks as required, to take into account seasonal peaks or events (product launch, sales/marketing campaigns etc)
  • Resilience: build business continuity into your solution in multiple ways

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